- Professional and affordable mastering service, carried out in-house by Mencel
 - Detailed sculpting on track dynamics to ensure a loud master, with NO compromise on sound quality

 - Price includes revisions or corrections as specified by customer until happy

 - Final master delivered in .wav format within 3 days (late delivery = refund)


For example of previous engineering work, please check HERE

Stereo Mastering

  • File should be a stereo 24-bit or 16-bit .WAV file at 44.1KHz to 96KHz.

    Make sure your peaks (loudest parts of the audio) aren't close to 0dB/clip (the more space I have in the mix, the better quality the final master will be when I process the dynamics and drive the track loudness)

    Keep your master channel free from any FX or dynamic processing (I cannot properly compress your tune, if you've already compressed it, etc)