- Full track mixdown performed by Mencel (upto 15 stems)
- Complete analysis and processing of your song production, to a commercial standard, with revisions until you're happy with the end result

- Focus on clarity and definition between stems, to ensure your track is ready for mastering

- Final mix delivered in .wav format within 3 days (late delivery = refund)

For example of previous engineering work, please check HERE

Full Mixdown

  • Please render the stems you would like me to mix, as a set of .WAV files.
    (for example: Kick.wav, Snare.wav, Ambience.wav, Breaks.wav, LeadVox.wav etc etc)

    Ensure everything is free from clipping, free from crazy dynamic fx (heavy compression, unless you want something that way), and large reverb fx are placed on a seperate/send channel (It's hard for me to process the dynamics of a snare, if a huge wash of reverb is already on the channel).